Vintage Circus Themed 1st Birthday Cake.  The “tent” topper is made of Rice Krispie Treats, coated with white chocolate and covered in fondant.  The antique effect is hand-painted food coloring onto fondant.

Vintage Circus Cake

Vintage Circus Cake

Baseball cake with Rice Krispie Treat molded baseball topper.

baseball cake

Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake with Mr. Grouper fondant cake topper.

bubble guppies cake

bubble guppies mr grouper

This adorably-clever theme was perfect for a gender reveal party.  Surprise, it’s a boy!

what will it bee cake bee cupcakes dozen bee cupcakes close


This adventurist couple share a birthday month but get their own (half) a cake!  Erin’s is completely sugar-free, while Blair’s cake is loaded with booze (Kahlua cake with Bailey’s Irish Buttercream frosting… can you say, “legend…. hiccup…. dary!”).  The charming edible figurine toppers are also hand made from fondant.

Dual Birthday Cake for a couple.

Dual Birthday Cake for a couple.


Da-nuh…. da-nuh…. da-nuh, da-nuh, da-nuh…

Happy Birthday Nico! Glad you loved your shark cake 🙂

Shark Beach Birthday Cake

Shark Beach Birthday Cake

Shark Birthday Cake with edible fondant shark

Shark Birthday Cake with edible fondant shark



David’s 3rd birthday cake was a big hit.  He just wanted to eat Rocket!

Buttercream icing with fondant and buttercream decorations.  Characters are plastic toys, and the rocket ship topper is make of Rice Krispy Treats covered with fondant.
Little Einsteins Birthday Cake 





This “just for fun” cake was a hit at the Landry’s End-of-School-Year block party!  I had so much fun making it too!

Zebra Print and Blue Flower Girly Cake

Zebra print and blue flower girly cake

Great way to end a great year at the St. Thomas More crawfish boil!

School Logo cake

End-Of-Year Cake for St. Thomas More’s crawfish boil